Saturday, 16 March 2013

All Quiet in the West Country...

I am feeling miserable. I feel the need to shuffle out the side door and to never be seen again. I have been closing Internet accounts I seldom use... a sort of drawing the curtains on things. I don't know, my Internet life started shadowing my real life... whereupon I stumble into things I really shouldn't. I do it over and over. I was threatened once by a very important man because I stumbled into his business and asked too many questions. When will I learn not to ask silly questions. But someone has to, don't they?
But, for the time being I am tired. Very, very tired. I'm no one, I don't need all this hassle. This wasn't the grand plan.


  1. I wish I knew some card tricks, or something, to cheer you up.

    I've been stripping out my Google+, Twitter, and Face Book accounts this week. Not very many have noticed. Me, in social media? HA!

  2. Sigh. Maybe some stripping would do me good :-)
    I have found all my old pass words for places like this, which is a relief. What a mess we make when we tinker on the Internet. I am all tidy now; Google+ and Twitter have been deactivated... still don't know what to do about Facebook. There might be an almighty cull, but it it pretty sparse as it is.

  3. It's so strange. I have done exactly the same thing and I have stripped my online life right back. Maybe social networking has a natural lifecycle, or maybe we just realise that not all the people we encounter are quite as decent, balanced or 'nice' as we thought.

    Of all the folks I've met, you've been one of the good'uns, so I hope you don't totally disappear x

    B (the stripped back version)

  4. Thank you, Bux. I think you're right about the natural life cycle. I had some wonderful moments online... I like to think that during the peak of my blogging journey that all the best bloggers were around... but I would think that!
    We had such larks, we really did :-)
    I don't know why, but I feel we are being crowded out and it's now harder to find like minded people.
    I'm bracing myself to delete Pinterest.... now that's a real time waster!